Coming Soon: Didi's Website

(Because every little dog wants to rule the world)

My apologies for the slackness of this site; between Didi's recent arrival and the wedding, I haven't had time to get a proper design together yet. Still, I hope everyone enjoys the photos!

Didi spends a rare lazy afternoon in a hammock with John.
On a rare lazy afternoon, Didi relaxes in a hammock with her "daddi" John.


Poor Didi has to play dress-up!
That cute little dress and pink shoes at the stand in the mall were just too much to pass up ... and thus Didi must endure the indignaties of "dress-up."


Didi spends her first minutes at home perched atop a chair, out of reach of the curious 'dingoes'
Didi spends her first few minutes at home perched atop a chair where she can safely survey the 'Dingoes' around her.


Didi poses in her chair


Didi is zonked out from play-time!
What an unladylike pose by a tired little puppy dog!


Proud papa holds little Didi


I can fetch, too!


It's tiring trying to rule the world!

Be sure to visit and to see a sampling of what this site will look like one day!